Recipes from the Des Moines Farmers' Market

We saw old friends and met a lot of cool new people yesterday at the Des Moines Farmers Market. Here are some of the recipes were talking about. I'll put them up on the flavor pages as well. Happy cooking!

Das Bigfoot Oyster Crackers
All our flavors make slammin' holiday oyster crackers, but I think Das Bigfoot might be the best.

1 bag of oyster crackers
1/4 c olive oil or walnut oil
1 TBSP Das Bigfoot

Preheat your oven to 350. Pour the oil and the spice into a bowl or a Ziplock bag. Mix the oil and the spice, add the crackers and toss to coat well. Pour evenly onto a cookie sheet and bake for five about minutes until they're dry.

Alliyum Fall Apple Slaw
If you're a fan of sweet and savory, this slaw's for you.

3/4 head red cabbage
6 stalks of celery  
3 apples
1 cup walnuts, toasted and crushed
About 4 TBSP olive oil or walnut oil
2 TBSP vinegar - (champagne, sherry or any fruit vinegar would be terrific but red or white wine vinegar will work fine)
Alliyum to taste

Slice the cabbage thin or shoot it through the slicing disc blade on a food processor and place in a big bowl, Do the same to the celery and add it to the bowl. Slide the apples thin, then slice those slices in half. Lay the apple slices out on a plate or a cookie sheet and sprinkle them with Alliyum to taste. I like mine very oniony. Add the apples and crushed walnuts to the bowl. Toss. Add the oil and vinegar and taste for salt. Add more Alliyum if you need it.