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Q: Why do you do make this stuff?
A: Most spice blends are older than Moses by the time you buy them. Plus, they're full of weird stuff, like Silicon Dioxide. That's sand to you and me. Ew. We make unique, fresh flavors without anything creepy in them. 

Q: Where do you get the ideas for your blends?
A: Imaginationland. That's why we don't make the same blends everyone else does, like Creole seasoning, Italian seasoning, etc. We make blends other spiceries (I just made that word up) don't.

Q: Where'd you get your crazy names.
We thought you'd never ask.

Q: Where do you get your ingredients?
A:  We buy most of our spices in bulk. They're all kosher, non-GMO and non-radiated. Some ingredients we buy dehydrate and grind, like ramps (which we forage) and radishes (which we buy from local farmers). Email us if you need specific sources.

Q: Since you don't use preservatives, how long will a blend last?
A: It depends. Without preservatives, our blends might clump, especially if the lids aren’t on tight. Peter Rabbit and Alliyum suck up water. To extend the freshness, keep them in the fridge with the lid on tight. To make them last even longer, add a few grains of rice to the jar to soak up moisture. Keep the lids tight on the sugars and Herky Perky. The other flavors should last as long as ordinary spice blends.

Q: Do you make salt-free versions of your blends?
A: Yes! You can buy several of our blends salt-free, by the pound. They’re more expensive because sea salt is the main ingredient in most of our blends, and when you take the salt away, the herbs are more pricey.

Q: I'm getting married. I'd like a custom blend to give out as favors. Can you do that?
A: We live for that stuff! Check this out.  We'll work with you to develop a flavor that tells your story, then we'll find some crazy cool packaging that fits your budget. Ta-da!


makers of herb and spice-infused small-batch craft salts and finishing sugars with no preservatives, MSG, or dairy in anything we make. All our flavors are soy and gluten free except for Herky Perky which has soy sauce. 

All our flavors are homemade from our unique recipes. Some even feature ingredients we grow. We have 15 seasonal flavors and gift boxes for any taste. We also create custom blends for special occasions.

Our blends started as holiday gifts in 2011 and gradually took over our lives until our electricty bill now rivals a Vegas casino from running a dehydrator 24-7. We are headquartered in NEVADA, IOWA, where the party's somewhat hard to start, but once you do—brother, look out.

Juniper 61 in Milwaukee features some of our blends on their cocktails, and our awesome logo is by Erika Kent. Many of the fabulous photographs you see on our website and elsewhere are taken by Deborah Stein of Bonbon Oiseau. The not-so-fabulous ones are taken at HQ by our helper monkey. LOL! We can't afford a monkey.

We sell retail, wholesale, and by the pound. 

We love seeing your photos and recipes on Facebook, Twitter, and all that shhhhhhtuff.

Check out a profile of us in the Des Moines Register here and in the Wheatsfield newsletter here. Thank you for shopping the 'Lick! 

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