Notes & Recipes from the Mushroom Cooking Class

We had such a WONDERFUL time with terrific people last night at the Des Moines Social Club Culinary Lab! And we seriously shroomed out! Special thanks to Barbara Ching whose fungi knowledge made the class legit. Thank you, Amanda, for the sweet hook up and all your help! And thank you, Amy, for this great pic below and all your great ideas last night. Thanks, Tara & Josh, for helping & thanks, everyone, for coming!

Photo by foodie Amy

Photo by foodie Amy

• 2 oz dried mushrooms = 1 lb fresh mushrooms
• mushroom salt = equal parts salt to mushroom powder
we added white peppercorns to smoked mushrooms for an amazeballs salt

1. Becky Selengut's mushroom, walnut and pomegranate spread with serrano chile is here

2. Fresh oyster mushrooms sauteed in butter with sherry & thyme
• Break it up and sauté the pieces in butter on medium to medium high.
• Add some salt & pepper to get the juices flowing.
• When the mushroom has given up most of its liquid, add a splash of sherry and fresh chopped thyme.
• Sauté until most of the liquid is cooked out.

3. Chicken of the woods fingers
• Dip chicken pieces in a mix of eggs and buttermilk.
• Coat dipped pieces in seasoned cornmeal (ours needed more salt).
• Fry 'em up!
• We served ours with Cy Sauce: 1/2 cup yogurt + 1/2 cup mayo + 1 tsp Cy Salt + 1 tsp curry + 1 tsp mustard

4. Wild mushroom ravioli in mushroom powder pasta
• Mushroom powder pasta recipe is here.
• I used this recipe as a start and added our Whassamatterhorn salt.
• My last step of fatness was to add sautéed chicken livers to the mix. Just cook them in butter, Whassamatterhorn, pepper and a splash of wine or sherry. Then add them to the wild mushroom/ricotta filling in the food processor.

5. The omelette
• Just a plain omelette with fresh onions. We wanted to see how the mushroom powder affected the taste of the eggs versus the mushroom salt. 

6. Homemade caramel dipped in smoked mushroom + white peppercorn salt
• We were out of our minds by this point.