Free Jars for Rainbow Friday!!!

Because "Black Friday" sounds depressing, we call our weekend sale "Rainbow Friday!" Just like a rainbow, it takes place in outer space on...


Go to our shop page, then...
Buy one three-pack or one gift box (any size) = get one 2 oz jar free
Buy two three-packs or two gift boxes (any size) = get one 4 oz jar free
Buy three three-packs or three gift boxes (any size) = get two 4 oz jars free
Buy four three-packs or four gift boxes (any size) = get a three-pack or four oz gift box free
That's five boxes for the price of 4!

Just tell us in the check-out field what you want your free flavors to be,
and we'll load those into your package. 
This sweet hook-up is good through 11:59 p.m., Sunday, November 29.