The Winners of the First Annual Salties Contest!

FIRST's a four-way tie!

Jen from From Jen's Kitchen in Ames bakes amazing wheat baguettes with Whassamatterhorn.

Nate H.'s Alliyuuuum Wonton Tacos. Crispy baked wonton shells filled with crumbled roasted red pepper Italian sausage and topped with Alliyuuuum seasoned leek and pepperoncini slaw, fresh diced tomatoes, and creamy brie cheese. Dig that crazy accordion folded leek!

Diana from Sonoma's Cy Salt pizza! "I make my whole wheat, freshly ground flour pizza dough with Cy Salt in the dough and then sprinkle it on top." All of Diana's photos were great. You can check them out on our Share slide show

Heidi's curried deviled eggs with Alliyum and fresh chives!


Sarah D's cheese crackers topped with peanut butter, avocado and Roxy Taco!

This award goes to our dear friends, Bonbon and Jim, who are always sending us the most amazing photos which we use on the website and everywhere else. "We don't want to be in the contest," they said, but we want to these two winners them how much we love and appreciate their support. Story City Locker steaks on us next time, f*ckos!

I only have chuck eyes for youuuuu! Jim Quasar threw some Herky Perky on these beauties from Story City Locker.

Bonbon's bourbon deelish cure for cold and flu season featuring Iowa Nice Spice.

Bonbon's cabbage rolls with Herky Perky. Ka-POW!