Meet the Jaegers!

We met the Jaeger family at the Des Moines Farmers Market in 2015, when they bought a jar of Cy Salt. The next time we saw them, they bought a pound, and now they're hooked [cue mad scientist laughter]. They were wonderful enough to share their story. Disclaimer: Saltlickers doesn't help you lose weight—it's not speed or anything—but it does make raw and cooked veggies + lean meat taste really, really good. Thanks for the success story, Jaegers! Keep on rockin' it!

Jaeger bombz!

Jaeger bombz!

In September of 2015 our family made a decision to better our lives and our health!  My husband, who serves on active duty in the National Guard, quit smoking and found himself gaining weight, I retired from active duty in 2012, dealt with some medical issues and the lack of working out, so I gained a lot of weight, and our youngest daughter, who seemed to have struggled with weight her whole life, had spent the summer with her mom and came back heavier than ever… our family was in a health crisis.  Earlier in the year my mom had found the Ideal Protein diet plan and lost 50 pounds and loved the new lifestyle she gained.  She shared the plan with us and gave us the motivation to begin a new journey in our lives.  

The Ideal Protein plan is a great plan for us as it allows us to be medically approved and puts our bodies into a constant state of ketosis.  The critical piece is to keep us in ketosis we cannot have any added sugars and that is where SALTLICKERS came into our lives!  We were amazed at how many spices out on the market have added sugars and those sugars add up in cooking. 

We eat a lot of salads and vegetables.  No dressings, butter or cheese on them so how do you eat veggies day after day and not get bored?!?  CY SALT and ALLIYUM!

Meeting the SALTLICKERS team at the farmers market in September was a dream come true and our obsession began!  By the time the Winter Farmers Market came around we were ordering CY SALT by the pound!  We also love HERKY PERKY on our pork chops and the ROXY TACO on our beef and peppers.  ALLIYUM is good on everything!

It has been a wonderful journey that isn’t quite over yet, but we are on our way… Eric is in maintenance after losing 50 pounds, I have lost over 70 pounds and our daughter is just shy of 70 pounds -- almost 200 pounds down!  We are grateful to have found this local business that creates the best spices we can find!  Thank you SALTLICKERS for making our weight loss journey a tasty one!

The Jaeger Family