Killer Cocktails TONIGHT at Cooks' Emporium

I'm so excited about this Killer Cocktail class tonight at Cooks' Emporium!


First, we'll cook up different styles of simple syrups—the cornerstone of the cocktail—some with spice blends, some with fresh herbs, then we'll practice making the perfect booze to syrup to mixer ratio. We'll put together the perfect punch for any occasion, no matter what kind of booze and ingredients you prefer. Last but not least, we're going to light some S'mores chocolate vodka Jello shots on fire with a kitchen torch and make Booz-ores! We'll practice opening up the marshmallows hands on—that's the hard part. We'll also be sampling salted homemade cider to start at 6, and that's not code, folks!

It's a spike your own drink event, so you'll need 3 bottles of airplane liquor (you could just bring a pint). One should be clear (gin or vodka). The other two can be anything. All the same kind = fine. I recommend unflavored as the flavors in flavored boozes (like cotton candy whiskey) will crush the taste of every other ingredient around it.

Walk in at 6 = OK. This is only $10, and will change your life. The last time I had my life changed for $10 was with a really bad tattoo. This will be 10,000 times better than that.