Thanks for the shout-out!

Thank you, Picnic Life Foodie, for the lovely write-up! We want a full report on the Whassamatterhorn pheasant!

The Perfect Gift for the Foodie on Your List

Do you have a "foodie" in your life? Trust me ... you have all kinds of "foodies" in your life. Whether it's the gadget-loving chef or the tailgate-grazing sports fan or the I-don't-turn-on-a-stove-but-I'll-eat-anything-you-put-in-front-of-me consumer, everyone is a "foodie" at some level. The beauty of this? It makes choosing a perfect gift simple and personal!

Rain , rain, rain

It's raining so hard here, we can't get out gear into the car, so we'll see you at the Des Moines DT Farmers Market NEXT week, Salty Dogs! If you're jonesing, try Gateway Market or Wheatsfield in Ames!


Our weekend at the Mycelium Mysteries Women's Mushroom Retreat was MIND BLOWING. And not because we ate the magic kind. Thank you, Midwest Women's Herbal Conference, for cultivating this incredible network of goddesses!

Below is the list of spices we used. I'll be posting my recipes here soon! 


Saturday, Sept 16, catch us in Ankeny!

Catch us at the Uptown Ankeny Farmer's Market this Saturday! I switched the dates on the last newsletter, but this is real and true! Saturday 16 = Ankeny! Saturday 23 = Des Moines! Holler if you want anything spesh (We got your lb of GGF all set to go, nice lady)!

Mushroom Mania Cooking Contest @ the Iowa State Fair

Saturday, August 19 at 3:00 p.m.
Sponsored by Saltlickers, Michael and Barbara Ching
1st place - $50 and a 4 ounce gift pack of Saltlickers spices ($20 value)
2nd place - $30
3rd place - $20
Each entrant will receive a 2 ounce jar of Saltickers spices.

1. Create a dish prominently featuring mushrooms.
2. Mushrooms must be purchased from grocery store or farmer’s market.
3. Mushrooms must be cooked.
4. Entries will be judged on how well the dish showcases the unique umami flavor of mushrooms and originality.
For more info, click here.

This is an amazing way to experience Iowa culinary history. It's also a great way to meet the gals and guys who've been working the fair for a long, long time. Here are some things you should know.

) You show up with your dish at the drop-off time, and they take it away from you. Buh-bye, dish!

2) If it's a hot, hot dish, it will probably go room temp before you see it again. You can ask them to reheat it, but you'll have little control over how or how long they reheat it. So consider making a room-temp dish. This is probably why baked goods categories can have hundreds of entrants, and "Fun with Fondue" has a lot of empty seats.3) Sign up for multiple contests on a single entry fee. So on Saturday, August 19, you can sign up for Mushroom Mania, sponsored by us, as well as Best Pita Sandwich; Candy Chemistry; Fast, Healthy & Tasty; Christmas Favorites; Winning-est Cookies; Keith’s Beer Breads; Picklicious Recipes with Gedney; Beautiful Gingerbread Houses (OMG!!!!!!); Souper Soups; Spotlighting Spuds; Chicken Wings; or Critter Cupcakes! Clear off a shelf for all those trophies, champion!

For info, check out this PDF or email us with questions.

4) See you at the craft beer tent afterwards!

Summer Savvy Smart Attack Sale!

This savvy 'Lick fan did her homework! She signed up for the Des Moines Farmers Market's "Rise & Shine Deal" text message. Our deal's buy-three-get-one-free. She also checked Facebook to get our Secret Word and got $1 off every jar. So she scored FOUR large jars for just $22!!! What the what?!?

In her honor, we're having a Summer Savvy Smart Attack Sale in our online shop. It's our biggest sale ever! 

Use the code SMARTATTACK at checkout to get four 4 oz jars for $22
or use the code SMARTATTACK2 to get four 2 oz jars for $17

Tell us in the notes what you want your free jar to be. You can get a wrapped gift box for a friend, and a jar free for you! Sale ends Tues, June 27 at midnight Iowa time.

Text "Market" to 46986 to sign up for "Rise & Shine" deals.

"Get Your Grill On" is next Tuesday, June 13!

Ahoy, Salty Dogs! The "Get Your Grill On" class at Wheatsfield Cooperative is NEXT TUESDAY, June 13, 7-8 pm. We're gonna dial up some Asian green bean pepper salad, sweet potato black bean salad, grilled mushrooms, and more! Join me and Susan. Join me and Susan NEXT TUESDAY, June 13, 7-8 pm!

Info is here. Call Wheatsfield at 515-232-4094 to sign up, or sign up when you're shopping. 

Behold: our final 2017 season farmers market calendar

Derpy helping with the calendar. Thanks, Derp!

Derpy helping with the calendar. Thanks, Derp!

We've had some changes, so here's our new newsletter with all the dates. You can always check out the calendar anytime on our website.  Along with the Downtown Des Moines Farmer Market, we'll be kicking it at the Ames Main Street Farmers Market, and visiting the Uptown Ankeny Market for the first time June, July and September. Check our website calendar to see where we'll be every week. We post the Secret Word on Facebook, Instagram and the Twitters every Saturday morning. Whenever we're in Des Moines, catch our Rise & Shine Market Deal. Just text “Market” to 46986 to receive coupons and special offers from Downtown Farmers’ Market Vendors each week! It's super fun and easy. Click here for more info.