Saltlicker Pot Pies

What to do with the Cy Salt smoked chicken left over from our tasting at Wheatsfield? Make chicken pot pies, of course! What a great idea!! [three days later]...OMG that was SO hard! But they were SO good, I thought you should know. 

Here's the recipe. It's kind of dumb in spots, like when it says, "Place the chicken and vegetables in a large baking dish pour roux over the filling mixing thoroughly." If you do that (like I did), everything will end up on the counter. It's from New Zealand. If you've ever travelled through NZ, you know: they don't believe in signs or a lot of safety stuff. Thit's fer sissies, mate!

We used Whassamatterhorn in the crust, Cy Salt smoked chicken in the filling, and Alliyum in the roux with home made stock. It would be a great way to use up your turkey! Woooooooo!