It's the moooooost wonderful time of the year! Ramp season! When I forage, I just take the leaves and leave the bulbs in the ground so that more will grow. My favorite thing to make with ramps is a vegan ramp pesto with Herky Perky. It's bright green, crazy delicious, and goes great on everything: fish, chicken, pasta, bread, crackers, roasted veggies, you name it.

2 cups tightly packed ramps
1/2 cup nuts: pine, almonds, walnuts, filberts, pistachios, etc.
1/2 cup olive oil
2 tsp Herky Perky
Splash of lemon

Blend everything in a food processor. I prefer pesto that's creamy, not grainy—the key to creamy pesto is breaking the nuts down until they emulsify. Start with 2 tsp Herky Perky, then add to taste. Do the same with the lemon. I promise you won't miss the cheese. You'll get enough yummy fat with the oil and nuts—plus they're good for you fats. My favorite kind.