Grilled Cy Bread

Collin's a carbetarian, so no meal is served without bread. This is his fave. Dunk it in soup or top it with hummus, pesto, sliced tomatoes and herbs, cheese spread, whatevs. Whassamatterhorn, Das Bigfoot, Feather Duster and Alliyum would also work like a charm.

Any uncut loaf of bread: sourdough boule, baguette, chiabatta, whatever
Olive oil
Cy Salt
A grill on high or an over set to 425

Slice the bread. If it's a ball loaf, make deep several perpendicular cuts down all the way through. If it's a long skinny loaf, simply slice it lengthwise. Brush the insides with olive oil and sprinkle with Cy Salt. Wrap it in foil.

For the grill: 15 minutes each side, then unwrap and press the slices on the grill to get a good char: about 2 minutes per side.
For the oven: 10 minutes, then open it up and stick the slices under the broiler until they're brown. About 1 minute
You can top the warm slices with chopped herbs and cheese.